Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Fucking Crocamen
The Hunter Falls

After Pitsi’s fireball, the battle is fierce. The members of the Brotherhood who have accompanied us have difficulties dropping the last of the Lizardmen who attacked us from the rear. Soolin joins the battle in the front, but drops twice. Pitsidiri does what she can to keep Sulin on her feet, using all of her Healing spells. Ooen drops his spear AGAIN, as though the shaft were greased.

Orion cuts through two of the lizardmen before his end of the line collapses and they are able to surround him from various sides. The Brotherhood starts dropping, and Pitsi manages to stabilize them as they fall. After several attacks, the Hunter falls. Ooen abandons the spear and moves in to stabilize him, successfully. Eventually he is able to cast a cure wounds on the enormous fighter, but his gain in health is meager compared to the punishment he’s taking.

Fagin jumps off the side of the bridge. Shimmying around one of the attackers, he’s able to regain the bridge behind his intended target and drops him from behind. Orion is overwhelmed by the foes around him and falls a second time. The Hunter has taken too much damage and is returned to the earth. We will mourn his passing later, when we have survived this attack.

The tide of the battle turns. The party rallies behind Orion’s death. Soolin takes out one of the remaining lizardmen. Coggen falls after swinging his sword wildly at his opponents. Ooen finally regains his spear and finally relieves one of the lizardmen of its miserable life. Once there are only two lizardmen left, they leap from the bridge. Tarquin runs to the edge of the bridge to try to get one more arrow in them, but they never resurface.

Both the party and the Brotherhood have lost a member in this fight. We agree to take our dead to the nearest village at the earliest, to preserve their bodies for a resurrection. In the meantime, we heal whoever we can and remove our dead and wounded from the bridge to make camp.

At camp, Coggen takes a drink from Sulin’s chalice, and his health improves. In the morning, we heal everyone who can be healed to get them on their feet. We return to the nearest village to make preparations for our fallen.

Play suspended.

Into the Swamps

Ooen, Pitsidiri and Tarkwin return to the site of the merchants’ meeting with the Governor to find the party down as a result of a fireball strike. Many of the merchants are beyond saving, and many more are injured. The Governor’s Guards separate us from the rest of the group to question us about the attack. Several members of the party recall the attacker shouting something to the effect of “Down with the False King,” but remember little else about the attack.

The Governor’s Assistant approaches us to discuss our intended expedition into the swamps to look for the missing members of the Brotherhood of War. The Governor is concerned with unrest in the city as a result of the attacks upon merchants as they move their wares through the swamp to the Capital. He hires us to investigate these attacks, provides us with whatever supplies we require, and agrees to stable our animals while we are on our mission.

We leave at our earliest convenience, travel for several days without incident, and make it past the last village into the swamp. We follow a road that is up on a large berm, keeping it drier than the rest of the surrounding area. After half a day’s travel into the swamp, we come across a large bridge that takes us over some wetlands.

Discussing reclaimed lands and tulip economies, we begin to cross the bridge. After a time the party is beset upon by a group of 20 Lizardmen, who climb the bridge on both sides, before and behind us. With a slap to the forehead, Tarquin realizes he should have seen the ambush coming. The Lizards close in on the party, but Pitsi casts a fireball and wipes out all but one of the bastards closing from the rear. The party presses forward, cutting into the remaining Geckos with the exception of Ooen who drops his spear.

Play suspended until next game session.

Fire and Smoke
Don't call me sweetie

We distributed magical items, argued about fruit while buying rations for the upcoming journey and Sula continues worshiping her goddess through gambling, occasionally wining.

Brother Naran comes to us explaining that the Commander of the temple, and the Governor of the city want to talk to us about our mission to the swamp. We decide it would be prudent to get more information before heading in.

Commader Damaron meets with us and explains that the “troubles in the swamp” have been going on for centuries and that it has more of a reputation as rebels than is earned. Mostly slaves once fled to the swamps before Suraman the Just freed the slaves, leaving “State slaves” as the only legal slaves. In the swamp is a village called Chodor, it has always been an area that exorcised a sort of Independence that outsiders might misunderstand, not paying taxes so long as it maintained the roads through the swamp. Recently, however, brigands have appeared in the swamp attacking trade caravans.

With this long history explained, the Commander joins us as we go to meet with the Govener.

When we get to the Governors mansion Ooen, Tarquin and Pitideri stay in the garden to enjoy the greenery and peacocks. Governor Azuranhas apparently gathered some of the traders that have been affected by the “troubles in the swamp” to speak with us about stopping it. The group simply tells us that brigands are attacking. When Sulin attempts to question more specifically, Cogen talks over her, trying to make a business deal to get a caravan to take through the swamp as bait. When Sulin objects that this is the time to gather information not plan, Cogen argues that he is right calling her “sweetie” and she bashes his head with her iron holy symbol, causing him to flinch, and be quiet.

Further questioning by Fagin and Oren reveals that the attack is from the swamp side of the road and Azad the merchant says that his most loyal men, veterans of the war, fled before fighting even started.

At this point what appeared to be a gold piece of jewelry flew over the crowd from the back of the group, killing many merchants with a fire ball and gravely wounding Sulin and Fagin. A figure calls out something about a “true King” and flees in smoke. As the group was so hurt and spread out we did not follow instead healing.

Play suspended.

Training and shopping

Fagin, Ooen, Pitsidiri and Tarquin decide to take time for self study. They emerge from their studies significantly more skillful than they were before.

Meanwhile, Orion decides to live large with his cut of the money we received from all of the items we sold. He’s got a page and everything, as least as long as his money holds out. Sulin spends her time in the bars gambling.

Ooen asks Coggen to try to find a vendor in the city that deals in magic items while he spends his time leveling up. Coggen is able to find someone who has magic weapons and armor. While the party heads to the vendor, they spend time discussing what the nature of a handsome woman is, and who might qualify. Once we arrive at the vendor, we settle on a +2 bastard sword and a +2 Wooden shield. The merchant is also able to remove the curse from Sulin’s cup. We decide that we will take stock of our magic items and re-distribute them to the party members that might benefit the most from them the next time we meet.

Play is suspended until next session.

Let's get the Hell out of here

As we prepare to get out of town, Sulin decides to ask Romna to identify the cup. As it turns out, the cup is cursed. Romna cannot identify what the curse is or what the cup may do otherwise. Hopefully, we’ll find someone who can identify the cup when we get to the monastery.

Romna has also identified that the spear has an inscription on it. After some study we determine that it says:

Sabhere made me
A gift for the great king
Long may he reign
And long may his family prosper
Woe to whosoever uses me
Against the innocent or the just

We take this to mean that the spear should not be used against Lawful or Good people. After discussing bears for a while, we decide to hit the road.

On the first day of travel to the Monastery, we encounter some farmers. They take note of us as we ride through, but neither of us engages the other. The next couple of days are equally uneventful.

On the fourth day of our journey we encounter a pair of giants. They seem pretty beat up, so we engage them in combat. Getting the upper hand immediately, Coggen charges the first giant, and strikes with a mighty blow. This is enough to drop the giant. Feeling confident by Coggen’s performance, I take the spear from Orion and charge the second giant. I only manage a meager hit, but Orion follows up with his sword. He hits the giant with a powerful blow that manages to stagger the giant.

After such brutal treatment the second giant, who identifies himself as Thumb surrenders. He offers to tell us where the rest of our party is if we spare them. He tells us that our boss, who wears no shirt, is up in the mountain where the giants dwell. Thumb says that he and many other giants came from the mountains to raid nearby villages, but met with the shirtless one. There was a fierce battle. Thumb and his companion are the only ones left from their raiding party. Thumb then asks us to heal his fellow giant. In return, he gives us all of the other giants belongings. There are some… errr… disturbing pieces of meat and a decent amount of coin. We decide they need the meat more than we do, since we’re not cannibals, and take the rest.

Game play is suspended until Nov 7.

Return of the Mummy

We emerge from the former Cult HQ somewhat battered from our encounter with the mummy. Fagin berates the rest of us for our strategic retreat. He was certain we had that fight, but Sulin is still injured, and he’s the only one with a magic weapon. I think he’s just mad that we broke him out of his murderous rage.

As we head into town, we spot a group of birds circling in the sky near us. The appear to be vultures, but it’s hard to tell from the distance. I send Screech to investigate. He tells me that they are the biggest damn vultures he’s ever seen and they’re watching us. He doesn’t think that they’ll try to attack, being vultures, but really, they’re huge. Collectively we hope they’re just following us in the hopes that something gets in our way and we provide some lunch for them.

We continue through the Necropolis and come upon a large group of people. It appears to be a funeral procession. They don’t seem hostile and don’t attempt to engage us. We ignore them and both parties continue on to town.

When we get to town and see that there is a large camp to the south. Presumably, it’s for the mourners we had encountered in the Necropolis. We head straight to the Temple to consult with Zamash in the hopes that he can provide us with information on how to defeat the mummy. Fortunately, he’s a wealth of information. He informs us that the mummy’s strike is diseased, and offers to heal Orion and Sulin. I note this and resolve to keep as many cure disease spells as I can on hand until we take care of this damned thing. He also tells us that in addition to being vulnerable to magic weapons, fire and holy water can both do damage to the mummy. We buy up all of the priest’s holy water, thank him for his assistance and take our leave.

After the Temple, we head back to the Sheepshead Inn. While having some dinner, we note that there are a couple of tables with strangers. One table appears to have a couple from the family of mourners. The other table seems to be members of the baggage train.

Sulin and I approach the table with the family members. They aren’t terribly talkative, but do bring news from the Capital. The slave rebellion has been recruiting and their numbers have swollen. They also appear to have formed an alliance with the Swamp Creatures that occupy territories further to the west. The couple finally becomes bored with the conversation and leave the inn.

Meanwhile, Orion, Cogen and Fagin start a game of dice with the roustabouts. They learn that the family camped outside of town are the Farkashians. They are a large and powerful family from the east. They generally stay out of Capital politics as they are the sovereign rulers of their own territories. Now that the roads are cleared of bandits, the family has decided to bring their dead to the Necropolis, as is their tradition.

After a nights rest, we head back to the Necropolis to finish our business with the mummy. This time we have fire arrows and holy water. We enter the chamber where we had last encountered the mummy and have no problems drawing it out. Cogen, Fagin and Tarquin all start with fire arrows. The mummy, desiccated as it is, does not burst into flames as we’d hoped. Instead, it closes the distance and engages the party. We quickly surround the mummy and in a flurry of hits and holy water, we quickly dispatch it.

Play is suspended until next session.

The Villa

Time rewinds, and Cogen is also able to spend time with the Brotherhood of War. He, too, emerges stronger from their rigorous training.

Fast forward, we’re back at the Villa. After the ghoul vanishes into the night, we decide to get the animals into the Manor House as soon as we’ve cleared it. We make a quick run through the house, and it’s clear. There are a couple of bedrooms, a servants’ closet and a back stairway on the second floor. We also notice that at either end of the main hallway, there are doorways that lead out to balconies on either side of the house. We clear the first floor and find a Library on one side and a dining area opposite. The entire house appears to have been occupied for some time by brigands with no appreciation for the finer things.

Once we’re satisfied that the house is safe, Ooen and Tarquin bring the animals into the Main Room on the first floor. The main doors into the house are armored and have stout locks. The door in the kitchen also appears to be strong. There’s a postern door, but it is nailed shut. We barricade the doors to the balconies and set watch.

During the second watch of the night, Fagin hears noises coming from the kitchen and decides to investigate. There’s a scratching coming from outside of the kitchen doors. He continues to listen, but does not act. Meanwhile, Cogen looks through a second floor window, and sees a shape go loping off, heading into the cover of darkness. They decide to let the party sleep through the night, which passes without incidence.

The following morning, the party searches the grounds more thoroughly. In a second floor chimney, we find a pole. Cogen yanks the pole from the chimney and a chest comes crashing down into the hearth, followed by a bottle of poison which breaks. Ooen is able to neutralize the poison for the one member of the party that succumbs. The chest is full of coin, which goes into the kitty. Fagin cuts open the lining of the chest and finds a scroll, which is given to Sr Pitsidiri. We also find a rare book with illustrations in gold leaf, a bottle of Shagananth’s Cure All, and an additional 50’ of rope.

The searching takes most of the day, so we decide to spend one more night in the Villa. In the morning we decide that the Villa has been a bust, and that it’s time to move on to the Necropolis under Narajan. We travel overland in the most direct line to the road, bypassing the City of the Seven Inheritors. Fuck those guys. After roughly two and a half days of uneventful travel, we reach Narajan and book rooms in the Sheepshead Inn. As we pass through town we notice that there’s a sign outside of the Damn Inn that reads “Under New Management”.

Once we settle in at the Sheepshead, a valet who represents Zarash the Elder arrives in search of Fagin. With him, he has the sword that Fagin had lost after disappearing from the Game of Chance and Destiny. He explains that though it had come back into the possession of Zarath’s family, it was a gift freely given and now returned. He expresses Zarath the Elder’s desire that Fagin make arrangements to have the sword be returned to the family if he should die, as he has no heir himself, since it is a family heirloom.

Play is suspended until next session.


With Fagin’s resurrection, we decide to take some time at the Temple to recover from our fiasco with the spiders and improve our skills. Sulin studies with the Clerics. Orion spends time with the Brotherhood of Warfare. Ooen learns from the stories of the Druid of the Sacred Oak. The time is well spent and they emerge stronger than they were before.

We spend time replenishing our stores of weapons, rations and fodder for the animals. In discussing our options we decide that there’s unfinished business in the crypts beneath the Necropolis. Along the way, we can investigate Brodo’s villa to see if there is any loot or information to be garnered from what was left behind.

Recognizing our band’s lack of a magician, Sulin approaches Sr. Pitsidiri. She entreats Sr. Pitsidiri to join our party. Pitsidiri admits to being restless. After the attack of the shapeshifters, she no longer feels comfortable or safe within the walls of the Temple compound. With some reservations, she agrees to join us on our adventures. It is an opportunity for her to improve her meager skills.

The road are much safer with the patrols on the roads again. We are able to travel with safety for several days and arrive at the stream bed that leads to the villa that Brodo and his band of brigands had occupied when we last encountered them. We make our way back up the stream bed. On our approach, we observe vultures above the villa. They are able to land without any sign of of being rebuffed.

We reach the villa with scant time before sundown. The bodies from our last encounter with the bandits lay upon the ground where they died. The bodies are desiccated and have been mostly eaten by the local scavengers. There is no loot to be found among the carnage.

Sulin, Orion, Fagin, Ooen and Pitsidiri enter the main house on the grounds, while Cogen and Tarquin guard the animals. The main room of the house has been vandalized. It appears that this may have been the bandits’ hideout, in truth. There are several makeshift fire pits around the room. The furniture appears to have been destroyed; used as fuel for the fire pits. There is graffiti on the walls of the house. The chances of finding anything around here seem pretty slim.

We move into the kitchen. Things don’t look any better in here. There’s a door that has been barred nailed shut. We unbar the door and are immediately attacked by a ghoul. Damn but its big and moves fast. Sulin is able to turn the ghoul. It retreats into the basement with the party chasing right behind it. There is a set of shelves that separate the basement. We can hear the ghoul at the other end of the basement and decide to proceed to the back of the basement around the right side of the shelves. Instantly, the ghoul flashes down the other side of the shelves, up the stairs and out of the house.

Heading back upstairs, we make it to the main room on the first floor. Before we can make it out of the door, Tarquin comes rushing in. “What was that thing? i put a couple of arrows in it, but it veered off and went running into the dark,” he exclaimed. Shit… that’s not the last we’ve seen of that thing.

Play is suspended until next session.

We're not dead, yet...

After an indeterminate amount of time, Orion wakes up and realizes he’s covered in webs. He quickly breaks free of the webbing and searches the cavern he’s in. There’s another web bundle. He is unable to see, but frees the person trapped in the webbing and brings him to the intersection of caverns in this cave. It turns out it’s a bandit. Figures. He finds Fagin in the intersection, but Fagin appears to be dead.

While he is investigating Fagin, Orion is beset upon by another spider from the other cavern in this cave. He quickly dispatches it, and moves into the cavern and finds 3 more web bundles. They turn out to be Ooen, Sulin and Coggen, who are all paralyzed but alive. Tarquin is still missing.

Once the other three recover, there’s some debate whether to try to find and rescue Tarquin. There’s only one more cavern to search and there’s likely to be another spider in it. Orion is relatively healthy and Ooen still has a negate poison spell available, but Coggen doesn’t think it’s worth the risk. Ooen will not be swayed, and brings Orion over to his side. Orion, Coggen and Ooen enter the cave and encounter a single single spider. The fighters smite it with mace and spear, and are able to enter the final cavern unmolested to find Tarquin, who is also still paralyzed but alive.

The trio returns to the rest of the party, and discuss the fate of the bandit that Orion had discovered. Ideally, the party would like to interrogate him, but Orion gives him a murderous look, and the bandit runs away. Tired and still hurting from the ordeal with the spiders, the party decides to let him go. There are plenty of other things to worry about, namely Fagin’s untimely demise. The party loads his body on a horse and travels away from the spiders’ den for about an hour before camping.

Everyone in the party agrees that trying to get Fagin resurrected is the first priority. We head off towards the Temple of the Healing Springs in hope of finding someone who can assist us. We manage to travel for several days without incident before encountering a patrol on the road. We explain that we are pilgrims on the road to the temple. They warn us about bandits on the road, but we explain that we had been sent to deal with the bandits which his how Fagin died. They accept our explanation after we give them more details regarding Brodo’s villa and allow us to continue on our way to the temple.

We are greeted at the temple gates by Brother Bottle. He is happy to see us and informs us to visit with Brother Shu to seek assistance for Fagin. We are given leave to stay at the Travelers’ House, while Fagin’s corpse is taken to The Springs. Brother Shu brings us up to date on the current situation at the Temple. Many and more Priests, Monks, Clerics and Sisters have been arriving to fill the void left by the Shapeshifters’ attack on the Temple. They are not necessarily friendly towards this band of adventurers, but have agreed to resurrect Fagin free of charge for the aid we had previously provided the Temple in it’s time of need. Everyone is provided with clean robes and are instructed to get cleanse ourselves before attending the resurrection ceremony at the Healing Springs later that evening. We comply, though some would prefer to have their weapons and armor available.

At the appointed time, we arrive at the Springs. Most of the party members speak for Fagin, espousing his loyalty and honor. Ooen remains silent for fear that his words will turn favor against Fagin. First up, the Sisters of Mercy say that they cannot in good conscious bring a creature of Fagin’s deeds back from the dead. They will not help. Next the Clerics inform the party that even if it were in their power, which it’s not, they agreed with the Sister and will not bring Fagin back.

Finally, the Brotherhood of Warfare approach. They inform the party that they have been contacted by Death herself. “DEATH!” Fagin serves her and has her favor. “DEATH!” For his service she will return him to us. “DEATH!” At that moment Fagin sputters, open his eyes and say, “What the fuck just happened? Who are all of these assholes? Where…? How the fuck did we get back to the temple? Fuck…”

The Druid of the Sacred Oak, who had remained silent through the entire ceremony, give Ooen a nod, and quietly removes himself from the ceremony to return to his tree until morning.

Play is suspended until next session.

You've got to be kidding me...

The party comes back to camp after a battle at an abandoned villa. Even they weren’t so sure about the carnage they left behind while I guarded the camp and the animals. Turns out they managed to wipe out about 30 of the bandits at the villa before they managed to get out, but though victorious, they did not come back unscathed. I maintain a watch while they rest for the remainder of the night.

The next morning I rest so that I can get my spells back by this afternoon. Meanwhile Tarquin is healed by Sulin and manages to get enough health to get up. Orion climbs the hill that shields our camp from the villa, and sees that there is a column of dust heading down the valley away from the villa. There does not seem to be any activity in the villa aside from a few vultures that were able to land after circling for a while. Looks like no one’s home at the villa anymore. Eventually I wake up and use the two Cure Wounds spells that I’ve regained on a couple of the party members. Though we’re far from being at our best, we’re healthy enough to follow the bandits on horseback and set off immediately. Tarquin is able to track them easily from horseback. We manage to ride until dark without incident.

As darkness falls, we make camp. Without knowing how close we are to the bandits, we decide not to make a fire. Tarquin and I take the first watch, since I’m the most rested and still have more hit points than the rest of the party. Of course, fire can be its own protection. Without it we’re blind. That’s some shit luck, because we are attacked by spiders of unusual size during the first watch. Tarquin and I are surprised by the spiders. I’m bitten immediately and go down writhing and screaming as the spider’s venom begins to course through my system.

My failure makes enough noise that the rest of the camp is awakened. The spiders take out two of our horses while the rest of the party is trying to get up. Sulin is the first to her feet and attacks, but she too is bitten by a spider and is overcome by it’s venom. Tarquin stands over Ooen, trying to protect him, but in his already weakened state, he succumbs to his injuries.

Fagin joins the fray by grabbing Sulin and dragging her away from danger. Orion and Cogen wade into battle and begin hacking away at the spiders. Some of the spiders seize the opportunity presented by the current chaos and start to drag Ooen and the two downed horses off into the darkness. The three spiders that brought Fagin down, seem to be fighting over his body. Over by the horses, Fagin reaches into Sulin’s pack, finds her Potion of Neutralize Poison and forces it down Sulin’s throat.

The spiders continue to drag Ooen and the horses away from the camp. Another seems to win the arguement over Tarquin and begins to drag him off, as well. Sulin recovers from the poison and gets up in time to see Orion fall to his wounds. She has no healing spells at hand, but knows that there are potions in Duncan’s pack. Cogen continues to put up a good fight, but is eventually bitten and paralyzed like the others. The spiders continue to drag Ooen, Tarquin and the horses away…

Gameplay is suspended until next session…

LH is a bastard with the dice.


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