Monday Night AD&D Campaign


After spending some time in the city, we start to feel the wanderlust that brought us here in the first place. It’s time to gear up.

We head to the city’s bazaar. No sooner do we get there, a ruckus erupts in the bazaar. As most of the patrons are running away, we make our way to the source of the excitement and find a trail of blood leading into one of the shops. I take a peek inside and realize that there’s a tiger in the shop. I quickly speak with the tiger to calm it down, and perform the ritual that makes the animal a friend of mine.

Meanwhile, Sulin is able to stabilize the shop owner to keep him from bleeding out. The shopkeeper’s siblings show up, looking for compensation for their wares. The Guard shows up trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, a man in servants livery shows up and identifies the tiger as belonging to Lady Ifran. The party agrees to escort the servant and the now mollified tiger to Lady Ifran’s estate.

According to the servant, the tiger is permitted to roam the estate freely, causing a certain amount of tension among the staff. We are greeted by Lady Ifran upon arrival. The tiger follows her into the estate. She casually asks the servant to pay us for our trouble, in the amount of 100 gold pieces. He promptly pays us and quickly shoos us out the door.

We have heard rumors about the potential for adventure outside the city. The Rebels in the swamps near the Capital don’t interest us, but it sounds like Brodo and his brigands continue to cause hardship for the pilgrims heading for the Sacred Springs. Normally I don’t care about that shit, but this guy bugs me for some reason. Didn’t he get the plague? It sounds like The Silent Brotherhood have gotten evicted by a dragon from their monastery in the Dry Hills. We’ll be close enough to help them out, once we take care of Brodo. For now, it’s time to go shopping.



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