Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Into the Swamps

Ooen, Pitsidiri and Tarkwin return to the site of the merchants’ meeting with the Governor to find the party down as a result of a fireball strike. Many of the merchants are beyond saving, and many more are injured. The Governor’s Guards separate us from the rest of the group to question us about the attack. Several members of the party recall the attacker shouting something to the effect of “Down with the False King,” but remember little else about the attack.

The Governor’s Assistant approaches us to discuss our intended expedition into the swamps to look for the missing members of the Brotherhood of War. The Governor is concerned with unrest in the city as a result of the attacks upon merchants as they move their wares through the swamp to the Capital. He hires us to investigate these attacks, provides us with whatever supplies we require, and agrees to stable our animals while we are on our mission.

We leave at our earliest convenience, travel for several days without incident, and make it past the last village into the swamp. We follow a road that is up on a large berm, keeping it drier than the rest of the surrounding area. After half a day’s travel into the swamp, we come across a large bridge that takes us over some wetlands.

Discussing reclaimed lands and tulip economies, we begin to cross the bridge. After a time the party is beset upon by a group of 20 Lizardmen, who climb the bridge on both sides, before and behind us. With a slap to the forehead, Tarquin realizes he should have seen the ambush coming. The Lizards close in on the party, but Pitsi casts a fireball and wipes out all but one of the bastards closing from the rear. The party presses forward, cutting into the remaining Geckos with the exception of Ooen who drops his spear.

Play suspended until next game session.



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