Monday Night AD&D Campaign



With Fagin’s resurrection, we decide to take some time at the Temple to recover from our fiasco with the spiders and improve our skills. Sulin studies with the Clerics. Orion spends time with the Brotherhood of Warfare. Ooen learns from the stories of the Druid of the Sacred Oak. The time is well spent and they emerge stronger than they were before.

We spend time replenishing our stores of weapons, rations and fodder for the animals. In discussing our options we decide that there’s unfinished business in the crypts beneath the Necropolis. Along the way, we can investigate Brodo’s villa to see if there is any loot or information to be garnered from what was left behind.

Recognizing our band’s lack of a magician, Sulin approaches Sr. Pitsidiri. She entreats Sr. Pitsidiri to join our party. Pitsidiri admits to being restless. After the attack of the shapeshifters, she no longer feels comfortable or safe within the walls of the Temple compound. With some reservations, she agrees to join us on our adventures. It is an opportunity for her to improve her meager skills.

The road are much safer with the patrols on the roads again. We are able to travel with safety for several days and arrive at the stream bed that leads to the villa that Brodo and his band of brigands had occupied when we last encountered them. We make our way back up the stream bed. On our approach, we observe vultures above the villa. They are able to land without any sign of of being rebuffed.

We reach the villa with scant time before sundown. The bodies from our last encounter with the bandits lay upon the ground where they died. The bodies are desiccated and have been mostly eaten by the local scavengers. There is no loot to be found among the carnage.

Sulin, Orion, Fagin, Ooen and Pitsidiri enter the main house on the grounds, while Cogen and Tarquin guard the animals. The main room of the house has been vandalized. It appears that this may have been the bandits’ hideout, in truth. There are several makeshift fire pits around the room. The furniture appears to have been destroyed; used as fuel for the fire pits. There is graffiti on the walls of the house. The chances of finding anything around here seem pretty slim.

We move into the kitchen. Things don’t look any better in here. There’s a door that has been barred nailed shut. We unbar the door and are immediately attacked by a ghoul. Damn but its big and moves fast. Sulin is able to turn the ghoul. It retreats into the basement with the party chasing right behind it. There is a set of shelves that separate the basement. We can hear the ghoul at the other end of the basement and decide to proceed to the back of the basement around the right side of the shelves. Instantly, the ghoul flashes down the other side of the shelves, up the stairs and out of the house.

Heading back upstairs, we make it to the main room on the first floor. Before we can make it out of the door, Tarquin comes rushing in. “What was that thing? i put a couple of arrows in it, but it veered off and went running into the dark,” he exclaimed. Shit… that’s not the last we’ve seen of that thing.

Play is suspended until next session.



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