Monday Night AD&D Campaign

The Villa

Time rewinds, and Cogen is also able to spend time with the Brotherhood of War. He, too, emerges stronger from their rigorous training.

Fast forward, we’re back at the Villa. After the ghoul vanishes into the night, we decide to get the animals into the Manor House as soon as we’ve cleared it. We make a quick run through the house, and it’s clear. There are a couple of bedrooms, a servants’ closet and a back stairway on the second floor. We also notice that at either end of the main hallway, there are doorways that lead out to balconies on either side of the house. We clear the first floor and find a Library on one side and a dining area opposite. The entire house appears to have been occupied for some time by brigands with no appreciation for the finer things.

Once we’re satisfied that the house is safe, Ooen and Tarquin bring the animals into the Main Room on the first floor. The main doors into the house are armored and have stout locks. The door in the kitchen also appears to be strong. There’s a postern door, but it is nailed shut. We barricade the doors to the balconies and set watch.

During the second watch of the night, Fagin hears noises coming from the kitchen and decides to investigate. There’s a scratching coming from outside of the kitchen doors. He continues to listen, but does not act. Meanwhile, Cogen looks through a second floor window, and sees a shape go loping off, heading into the cover of darkness. They decide to let the party sleep through the night, which passes without incidence.

The following morning, the party searches the grounds more thoroughly. In a second floor chimney, we find a pole. Cogen yanks the pole from the chimney and a chest comes crashing down into the hearth, followed by a bottle of poison which breaks. Ooen is able to neutralize the poison for the one member of the party that succumbs. The chest is full of coin, which goes into the kitty. Fagin cuts open the lining of the chest and finds a scroll, which is given to Sr Pitsidiri. We also find a rare book with illustrations in gold leaf, a bottle of Shagananth’s Cure All, and an additional 50’ of rope.

The searching takes most of the day, so we decide to spend one more night in the Villa. In the morning we decide that the Villa has been a bust, and that it’s time to move on to the Necropolis under Narajan. We travel overland in the most direct line to the road, bypassing the City of the Seven Inheritors. Fuck those guys. After roughly two and a half days of uneventful travel, we reach Narajan and book rooms in the Sheepshead Inn. As we pass through town we notice that there’s a sign outside of the Damn Inn that reads “Under New Management”.

Once we settle in at the Sheepshead, a valet who represents Zarash the Elder arrives in search of Fagin. With him, he has the sword that Fagin had lost after disappearing from the Game of Chance and Destiny. He explains that though it had come back into the possession of Zarath’s family, it was a gift freely given and now returned. He expresses Zarath the Elder’s desire that Fagin make arrangements to have the sword be returned to the family if he should die, as he has no heir himself, since it is a family heirloom.

Play is suspended until next session.



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