Monday Night AD&D Campaign

We're not dead, yet...

After an indeterminate amount of time, Orion wakes up and realizes he’s covered in webs. He quickly breaks free of the webbing and searches the cavern he’s in. There’s another web bundle. He is unable to see, but frees the person trapped in the webbing and brings him to the intersection of caverns in this cave. It turns out it’s a bandit. Figures. He finds Fagin in the intersection, but Fagin appears to be dead.

While he is investigating Fagin, Orion is beset upon by another spider from the other cavern in this cave. He quickly dispatches it, and moves into the cavern and finds 3 more web bundles. They turn out to be Ooen, Sulin and Coggen, who are all paralyzed but alive. Tarquin is still missing.

Once the other three recover, there’s some debate whether to try to find and rescue Tarquin. There’s only one more cavern to search and there’s likely to be another spider in it. Orion is relatively healthy and Ooen still has a negate poison spell available, but Coggen doesn’t think it’s worth the risk. Ooen will not be swayed, and brings Orion over to his side. Orion, Coggen and Ooen enter the cave and encounter a single single spider. The fighters smite it with mace and spear, and are able to enter the final cavern unmolested to find Tarquin, who is also still paralyzed but alive.

The trio returns to the rest of the party, and discuss the fate of the bandit that Orion had discovered. Ideally, the party would like to interrogate him, but Orion gives him a murderous look, and the bandit runs away. Tired and still hurting from the ordeal with the spiders, the party decides to let him go. There are plenty of other things to worry about, namely Fagin’s untimely demise. The party loads his body on a horse and travels away from the spiders’ den for about an hour before camping.

Everyone in the party agrees that trying to get Fagin resurrected is the first priority. We head off towards the Temple of the Healing Springs in hope of finding someone who can assist us. We manage to travel for several days without incident before encountering a patrol on the road. We explain that we are pilgrims on the road to the temple. They warn us about bandits on the road, but we explain that we had been sent to deal with the bandits which his how Fagin died. They accept our explanation after we give them more details regarding Brodo’s villa and allow us to continue on our way to the temple.

We are greeted at the temple gates by Brother Bottle. He is happy to see us and informs us to visit with Brother Shu to seek assistance for Fagin. We are given leave to stay at the Travelers’ House, while Fagin’s corpse is taken to The Springs. Brother Shu brings us up to date on the current situation at the Temple. Many and more Priests, Monks, Clerics and Sisters have been arriving to fill the void left by the Shapeshifters’ attack on the Temple. They are not necessarily friendly towards this band of adventurers, but have agreed to resurrect Fagin free of charge for the aid we had previously provided the Temple in it’s time of need. Everyone is provided with clean robes and are instructed to get cleanse ourselves before attending the resurrection ceremony at the Healing Springs later that evening. We comply, though some would prefer to have their weapons and armor available.

At the appointed time, we arrive at the Springs. Most of the party members speak for Fagin, espousing his loyalty and honor. Ooen remains silent for fear that his words will turn favor against Fagin. First up, the Sisters of Mercy say that they cannot in good conscious bring a creature of Fagin’s deeds back from the dead. They will not help. Next the Clerics inform the party that even if it were in their power, which it’s not, they agreed with the Sister and will not bring Fagin back.

Finally, the Brotherhood of Warfare approach. They inform the party that they have been contacted by Death herself. “DEATH!” Fagin serves her and has her favor. “DEATH!” For his service she will return him to us. “DEATH!” At that moment Fagin sputters, open his eyes and say, “What the fuck just happened? Who are all of these assholes? Where…? How the fuck did we get back to the temple? Fuck…”

The Druid of the Sacred Oak, who had remained silent through the entire ceremony, give Ooen a nod, and quietly removes himself from the ceremony to return to his tree until morning.

Play is suspended until next session.



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