Monday Night AD&D Campaign

You've got to be kidding me...


The party comes back to camp after a battle at an abandoned villa. Even they weren’t so sure about the carnage they left behind while I guarded the camp and the animals. Turns out they managed to wipe out about 30 of the bandits at the villa before they managed to get out, but though victorious, they did not come back unscathed. I maintain a watch while they rest for the remainder of the night.

The next morning I rest so that I can get my spells back by this afternoon. Meanwhile Tarquin is healed by Sulin and manages to get enough health to get up. Orion climbs the hill that shields our camp from the villa, and sees that there is a column of dust heading down the valley away from the villa. There does not seem to be any activity in the villa aside from a few vultures that were able to land after circling for a while. Looks like no one’s home at the villa anymore. Eventually I wake up and use the two Cure Wounds spells that I’ve regained on a couple of the party members. Though we’re far from being at our best, we’re healthy enough to follow the bandits on horseback and set off immediately. Tarquin is able to track them easily from horseback. We manage to ride until dark without incident.

As darkness falls, we make camp. Without knowing how close we are to the bandits, we decide not to make a fire. Tarquin and I take the first watch, since I’m the most rested and still have more hit points than the rest of the party. Of course, fire can be its own protection. Without it we’re blind. That’s some shit luck, because we are attacked by spiders of unusual size during the first watch. Tarquin and I are surprised by the spiders. I’m bitten immediately and go down writhing and screaming as the spider’s venom begins to course through my system.

My failure makes enough noise that the rest of the camp is awakened. The spiders take out two of our horses while the rest of the party is trying to get up. Sulin is the first to her feet and attacks, but she too is bitten by a spider and is overcome by it’s venom. Tarquin stands over Ooen, trying to protect him, but in his already weakened state, he succumbs to his injuries.

Fagin joins the fray by grabbing Sulin and dragging her away from danger. Orion and Cogen wade into battle and begin hacking away at the spiders. Some of the spiders seize the opportunity presented by the current chaos and start to drag Ooen and the two downed horses off into the darkness. The three spiders that brought Fagin down, seem to be fighting over his body. Over by the horses, Fagin reaches into Sulin’s pack, finds her Potion of Neutralize Poison and forces it down Sulin’s throat.

The spiders continue to drag Ooen and the horses away from the camp. Another seems to win the arguement over Tarquin and begins to drag him off, as well. Sulin recovers from the poison and gets up in time to see Orion fall to his wounds. She has no healing spells at hand, but knows that there are potions in Duncan’s pack. Cogen continues to put up a good fight, but is eventually bitten and paralyzed like the others. The spiders continue to drag Ooen, Tarquin and the horses away…

Gameplay is suspended until next session…

LH is a bastard with the dice.



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