Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Let's get the Hell out of here

As we prepare to get out of town, Sulin decides to ask Romna to identify the cup. As it turns out, the cup is cursed. Romna cannot identify what the curse is or what the cup may do otherwise. Hopefully, we’ll find someone who can identify the cup when we get to the monastery.

Romna has also identified that the spear has an inscription on it. After some study we determine that it says:

Sabhere made me
A gift for the great king
Long may he reign
And long may his family prosper
Woe to whosoever uses me
Against the innocent or the just

We take this to mean that the spear should not be used against Lawful or Good people. After discussing bears for a while, we decide to hit the road.

On the first day of travel to the Monastery, we encounter some farmers. They take note of us as we ride through, but neither of us engages the other. The next couple of days are equally uneventful.

On the fourth day of our journey we encounter a pair of giants. They seem pretty beat up, so we engage them in combat. Getting the upper hand immediately, Coggen charges the first giant, and strikes with a mighty blow. This is enough to drop the giant. Feeling confident by Coggen’s performance, I take the spear from Orion and charge the second giant. I only manage a meager hit, but Orion follows up with his sword. He hits the giant with a powerful blow that manages to stagger the giant.

After such brutal treatment the second giant, who identifies himself as Thumb surrenders. He offers to tell us where the rest of our party is if we spare them. He tells us that our boss, who wears no shirt, is up in the mountain where the giants dwell. Thumb says that he and many other giants came from the mountains to raid nearby villages, but met with the shirtless one. There was a fierce battle. Thumb and his companion are the only ones left from their raiding party. Thumb then asks us to heal his fellow giant. In return, he gives us all of the other giants belongings. There are some… errr… disturbing pieces of meat and a decent amount of coin. We decide they need the meat more than we do, since we’re not cannibals, and take the rest.

Game play is suspended until Nov 7.



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