Character Creation

Starting Level and Experience: At the start of the campaign, some characters were given extra experience as a consolation for their relatively weaker total ability scores. In the future, characters joining the game will start with 1/2 as many experience points as the least-experienced character in the group.

Determining Ability Scores: Players roll 4d6 for each ability in order, discarding the lowest die and summing the rest. Players can choose to switch positions of one pair of abilities.

Character Race/Species: So far, we don’t have any halflings — if no one builds one, they probably won’t exist in the world. Of course, only the races from the PHB are allowed.

Character Classes: Only the classes from the PHB. No bards.

Starting Money and Equipment: Characters start with the average amount of money for their class, see PHB Table xx on page xx.

Other Details: Characters receive maximum Hit Points at first level.

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Character Creation

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