the Necropolis

The Necropolis is possibly the largest cemetery in the world, covering over 25 square miles of land west of the village of Darijhan. It is known to have been in use as a burial ground for over two thousand years. In earlier times the plateau the Necropolis sits upon was known as “the Plain of Peace” but it has acquired a darker reputation in recent centuries and is now shunned by the inhabitants of the region, who prefer to burn their dead rather then bury them in what may be accursed ground. Despite this, it is still a pilgrimage destination for members of certain older religions, and the final request of many who follow those traditions is to be buried within its sacred precincts.

Places of Note: Ranme’s Tomb, “the Crypt of Love”, the Old Fire Shrine, Cult HQ

Encounters: Jackals, Ghouls

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the Necropolis

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