Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Fire and Smoke

Don't call me sweetie

We distributed magical items, argued about fruit while buying rations for the upcoming journey and Sula continues worshiping her goddess through gambling, occasionally wining.

Brother Naran comes to us explaining that the Commander of the temple, and the Governor of the city want to talk to us about our mission to the swamp. We decide it would be prudent to get more information before heading in.

Commader Damaron meets with us and explains that the “troubles in the swamp” have been going on for centuries and that it has more of a reputation as rebels than is earned. Mostly slaves once fled to the swamps before Suraman the Just freed the slaves, leaving “State slaves” as the only legal slaves. In the swamp is a village called Chodor, it has always been an area that exorcised a sort of Independence that outsiders might misunderstand, not paying taxes so long as it maintained the roads through the swamp. Recently, however, brigands have appeared in the swamp attacking trade caravans.

With this long history explained, the Commander joins us as we go to meet with the Govener.

When we get to the Governors mansion Ooen, Tarquin and Pitideri stay in the garden to enjoy the greenery and peacocks. Governor Azuranhas apparently gathered some of the traders that have been affected by the “troubles in the swamp” to speak with us about stopping it. The group simply tells us that brigands are attacking. When Sulin attempts to question more specifically, Cogen talks over her, trying to make a business deal to get a caravan to take through the swamp as bait. When Sulin objects that this is the time to gather information not plan, Cogen argues that he is right calling her “sweetie” and she bashes his head with her iron holy symbol, causing him to flinch, and be quiet.

Further questioning by Fagin and Oren reveals that the attack is from the swamp side of the road and Azad the merchant says that his most loyal men, veterans of the war, fled before fighting even started.

At this point what appeared to be a gold piece of jewelry flew over the crowd from the back of the group, killing many merchants with a fire ball and gravely wounding Sulin and Fagin. A figure calls out something about a “true King” and flees in smoke. As the group was so hurt and spread out we did not follow instead healing.

Play suspended.



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