Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Return of the Mummy

We emerge from the former Cult HQ somewhat battered from our encounter with the mummy. Fagin berates the rest of us for our strategic retreat. He was certain we had that fight, but Sulin is still injured, and he’s the only one with a magic weapon. I think he’s just mad that we broke him out of his murderous rage.

As we head into town, we spot a group of birds circling in the sky near us. The appear to be vultures, but it’s hard to tell from the distance. I send Screech to investigate. He tells me that they are the biggest damn vultures he’s ever seen and they’re watching us. He doesn’t think that they’ll try to attack, being vultures, but really, they’re huge. Collectively we hope they’re just following us in the hopes that something gets in our way and we provide some lunch for them.

We continue through the Necropolis and come upon a large group of people. It appears to be a funeral procession. They don’t seem hostile and don’t attempt to engage us. We ignore them and both parties continue on to town.

When we get to town and see that there is a large camp to the south. Presumably, it’s for the mourners we had encountered in the Necropolis. We head straight to the Temple to consult with Zamash in the hopes that he can provide us with information on how to defeat the mummy. Fortunately, he’s a wealth of information. He informs us that the mummy’s strike is diseased, and offers to heal Orion and Sulin. I note this and resolve to keep as many cure disease spells as I can on hand until we take care of this damned thing. He also tells us that in addition to being vulnerable to magic weapons, fire and holy water can both do damage to the mummy. We buy up all of the priest’s holy water, thank him for his assistance and take our leave.

After the Temple, we head back to the Sheepshead Inn. While having some dinner, we note that there are a couple of tables with strangers. One table appears to have a couple from the family of mourners. The other table seems to be members of the baggage train.

Sulin and I approach the table with the family members. They aren’t terribly talkative, but do bring news from the Capital. The slave rebellion has been recruiting and their numbers have swollen. They also appear to have formed an alliance with the Swamp Creatures that occupy territories further to the west. The couple finally becomes bored with the conversation and leave the inn.

Meanwhile, Orion, Cogen and Fagin start a game of dice with the roustabouts. They learn that the family camped outside of town are the Farkashians. They are a large and powerful family from the east. They generally stay out of Capital politics as they are the sovereign rulers of their own territories. Now that the roads are cleared of bandits, the family has decided to bring their dead to the Necropolis, as is their tradition.

After a nights rest, we head back to the Necropolis to finish our business with the mummy. This time we have fire arrows and holy water. We enter the chamber where we had last encountered the mummy and have no problems drawing it out. Cogen, Fagin and Tarquin all start with fire arrows. The mummy, desiccated as it is, does not burst into flames as we’d hoped. Instead, it closes the distance and engages the party. We quickly surround the mummy and in a flurry of hits and holy water, we quickly dispatch it.

Play is suspended until next session.



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