Monday Night AD&D Campaign

Training and shopping

Fagin, Ooen, Pitsidiri and Tarquin decide to take time for self study. They emerge from their studies significantly more skillful than they were before.

Meanwhile, Orion decides to live large with his cut of the money we received from all of the items we sold. He’s got a page and everything, as least as long as his money holds out. Sulin spends her time in the bars gambling.

Ooen asks Coggen to try to find a vendor in the city that deals in magic items while he spends his time leveling up. Coggen is able to find someone who has magic weapons and armor. While the party heads to the vendor, they spend time discussing what the nature of a handsome woman is, and who might qualify. Once we arrive at the vendor, we settle on a +2 bastard sword and a +2 Wooden shield. The merchant is also able to remove the curse from Sulin’s cup. We decide that we will take stock of our magic items and re-distribute them to the party members that might benefit the most from them the next time we meet.

Play is suspended until next session.



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